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Sarah Amulo

Sarah is a firm believer in education, especially for girls. Of all the many keys to unlock one’s future, especially a woman’s future, education certainly is the master key. Sarah is an NGO and project management specialist, having worked for over a decade in the humanitarian and development sector in sub Saharan Africa. Sarah is often challenged by a snail’s persistence and focus, often leaving a trail wherever it goes!  Through Securing Futures Africa, she hopes to leave a trail in the souls of the young men and women she will encounter.

Paul Timothy Onyait

Paul Timothy Onyait finds his own personal goals and dreams identical to Vision of SFA. I believe in young people and in the power of perseverance because it has never disappointed in my own journey of growth and development. I believe that helping young people grow to achieve their own highest potentials is much more than pursuing my own goals. I totally believe in the vision and philosophy behind SFA and I am very committed to living the rest of my life being a part of its mission.

Abraham Achoa

Abraham Achoa is a Ugandan who believes in change where need be, it’s out of a great passion that everyone deserves a better life in all aspects. One of the things that I believe can bring such chages is education which is not limited to classroom attendance but generally an education that opens one’s mind to think outside the box. This is my passion that everyone realizes or discovers what God put in them and availed for them to make it in this life and in the life to come.

Securing Futures Africa Volunteers

These have contributed in one way or another to advance the mission and vision of SFA over the last 48 months.
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As of June 2016, we had over 60 volunteers, supporting the vision of Securing Futures Africa through providing their resources and time. Volunteering is always a life changing experience, one that you want to consider. Some of the experiences are shared below

The mentorship camp was an opportunity for service and I would do it again in a heartbeat. It made me aware that so many people are disadvantaged and there’s something one can do. Catherine Onapito- Volunteer

‘The mentorship camp was a rare opportunity to give wholeheartedly of myself for a cause that has the potential to fertilize the soils on which seeds of greatness in the hearts and minds of disadvantaged children was planted by God. As long as I live, I choose to do much more of this because it makes the difference the world needs.’ Timothy Onyait, Volunteer

‘There is nothing that can make me happier than seeing a United Africa where every child gets the right, means and chance to go to school. It really costs me nothing to help in such situations. Instead, it is a big pleasure to me to be part of this.’ Sorho Sopegue Yaya, Volunteer

‘It was a humbling experience, seeing glimmers of hope in the pupils’ eyes. It was an opportunity to meet new friends with a shared passion to change lives’ Jennipher Achaloi, Volunteer